Out of the Courtroom Into the Father’s House

by Allyn Benedict


Out of the Courtroom Into the Father's House“When I first met Pastor Allyn Benedict in the autumn of 2005 it was apparent to me that he had received a word from God so powerful that it could not be contained and must go out into the Church.

This word so impacted my own life that I have not been the same since, for which I joyfully give thanks to the Father…. Allyn has lived out this word, as though he were called to a “prophetic life”… it calls us in our life and ministry to draw a line between the kingdom of this world and the Father’s kingdom; it is ultimately a word about life as children of God living “in the Father’s house”; …to die to this world in order to live as a child of the Father, fully submitted to his embrace of mercy and love…As I commend this book to you, so I also invite you to be like a pilgrim as you journey through it, from the revelation of the condition of the human heart, to the revelation of the inclination of the Father’s heart toward you, as He waits longingly for you to come home as a son or daughter and share in His joy.  This book was written to make the vision plain so that it might go out and change lives, transform relationships and free people to live as children of God.  May you experience this freedom, as I have, as you encounter Jesus – your only righteous judge and Saviour – through the pages of this book.” (Taken from the Preface by Juan Fernandez-Arias, Maranatha Co-Leader)

Price £12 + p&p

Human life is torn apart by conflicts which are never resolved and every page of our history is marked by Man’s inhumanity to man.  In this deeply insightful and prophetic book, Allyn Benedict shows that Idolatry – a counterfeit judge – is at the centre of the human heart.

Available here from the Maranatha Bookshop.

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