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Maranatha Bulletin

Maranatha Bulletin - Click here to read– MARANATHA TIMELINE –

At the beginning of this year we believe the Lord said to us
“Don’t plan anything, I will bring you invitations”.
So much has happened already this year!
This bulletin identifies the key points of our journey so far.

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Voice 2014 – A Generational Perspective

This year four young people have been listening to God for three months on behalf of the Community to prayerfully consider these four questions:

  1. What is God saying to and about the world?
  2. What is God saying to and about our nation?
  3. What is God saying to and about the churches?
  4. What is God saying to and about the Maranatha Community?

After a period of 3 months, they met together on 8th March 2014 at The Ark to share with the Community what they believe God is saying. The notes from that time of sharing are available here.

Summary word – “Our generation needs to be equipped to use the Sword of the Spirit”.


Spotlight Issue 35 – news from around the community

Spotlight - News and Views for Local Groups, by Local Groups
Spotlight Issue 35 - click hereThe latest issue of Spotlight – News and Views for Local Groups, by Local Groups can be downloaded here.

In this issue:

  • Invitation to Yorkshire Regional Gathering – Sat 11th October
  • Information about our Quiet Days
  • Report from Rachel – Maranatha’s first Intern
  • News and prayer requests from Kenya
  • A Note of Encouragement from a recent visitor to Flixton Maranatha Group

Spotlight is the vehicle for news from individual Maranatha Members and Local Groups (as distinct from the Maranatha Newsletter which brings news of inititatives from the office in Flixton).

If you have been to any Maranatha Teaching Weekends or Retreats, we would like to hear your experiences. We would also welcome news from your local Maranatha Groups.

What opportunities is God opening up for you personally and for your local community? As a community with a desire for unity in the Body of Christ – with what groups, churches, organisations has God given you fellowship and opportunities for ministry and service?

If you have anything to report or contribute then please email Matthew. You can also give us your thoughts via the comments facility here.