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Maranatha Newsletter

Faith for a bigger vision.

Click here to download June NewsletterThe Kingdom vision that God gives is immense and totally unattainable to human eyes. Jesus says “No one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again” (Jn. 3.3).

A subtle deception has permeated many parts of the Western Church. So often the vision for establishing God’s Kingdom is limited to what is ‘achievable’ with available or easily obtainable resources. In truth, what is required for the realisation of the vision the Lord sets before us, is faith in the
hearts of His people who will dare to believe that to God all things are possible.

The June edition of the Maranatha Community Newsletter which is available for you to read on-screen (or print for your convenience) further expands this, give news of initiatives being taken by the Community, has a complete list of local groups and an article on “God’s Call to rest”.

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Gathering in Northern Ireland July 2012

One Lord, One People.

Saturday 14th July 2012, 2pm-4.30pm, St. MacNissi’s Parish Centre, Station Road, RANDALSTOWN

We will be having a shared lunch together at 12.30pm. Please bring some food.  Drinks will be provided.

At the Maranatha Gathering in Randalstown this March those present were excited to hear the Lord speak about an open door of opportunity.  We were challenged by his urge to embrace new relationships and to recognise that the Lord is calling His people to choose His way of unity, renewal and healing.

This half-day Maranatha gathering is an opportunity to go further on our journey together with the Lord.


to come and enjoy fellowship, teaching, praise and healing with brothers and sisters in the family of God.

Click here for a poster with full details.