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From Darkness into Light

From Darkness into LightThese reflections, thoughts and prayers, by Dennis Wrigley, the Leader and Co-Founder of the Maranatha Community, will bring comfort and healing as God leads us out of our darkness into His light. It is illustrated by Christian artist, Christine Garwood, and is available to download as an ebook here (for £3.50), and you can purchase a printed copy for £7.99 +p&p from the Maranatha online bookshop here.

New Online Bookshop

Now available on this web-site is our new Online Bookshop where you can buy all Maranatha publications and thousands of Christian Books, CD, DVDs etc. directly from our own Taste and See Bookshop via on-line purchasing. You can access it from the main-menu in our web-site under Teaching / Bookshop, or click here, and then choose from a display shelf or click on ‘Search’ (bottom right corner).

Latest Newsletter

Maranatha Newsletter

Transforming Love.

Click here to download November Newsletter

Our call, as followers of Jesus is to live in love. Paul, formerly zealous pharisee Saul, who made his mission the murder of Christians, was transformed not by argument or teaching, but by the dazzling love of God personified in Jesus. As a result he testified to “the most excellent way” – the way of love.

Inside this newsletter are articles on Jesus our Servant Leader, Unity and Alignment in the Body of Christ, Developments in the Community, Maranatha Media Gallery, Study Groups, What on Earth have we done to our Children?, news about weekends, Light out of Darkness, 24/7 Worship, a new resource for teenagers, new books, Maranatha calendar for 2011, and Local groups and contact details.

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I am Not Ashamed

The Maranatha Community is pleased to support the Not Ashamed campaign
Not Ashamed
and Dennis Wrigley, our Community Leader, has issued the following statement:

I am not ashamed to honour publicly the one who is my creator – Almighty God.

I am not ashamed to honour His name, at all times and in all places.

I am not ashamed to declare that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and has the Name above all names.

I am not ashamed to declare that God is not absent, but present here and now.

I am not ashamed to declare that God is not silent, but is speaking here and now.

I am not ashamed to acknowledge publicly that the foundations of our nation are Christian.

I am not ashamed to proclaim that the basic freedoms we enjoy and the fundamentals of our democracy are Christian in origin.

I am not ashamed to pray with those who have requested it.

I am not ashamed to share my faith with others, always respecting their convictions

I am not ashamed to declare the good news of Jesus to the people of this nation.

I am not ashamed, in the name of Jesus to challenge those forces which are inflicting damage on our society.

I am not ashamed in the name of Jesus to defend the marriage based family from those who are seeking to destroy it.

I am not ashamed to defend children from the corrupting influences which are inflicting so much harm upon them.

I am not ashamed in the name of Christ to speak out for the poor and exploited, and against injustice from whatever source.

I am not ashamed to speak out for the millions of Christians worldwide who are being persecuted, tortured and slaughtered for their faith and robbed of their human rights.

I am not ashamed of claiming that Jesus is the hope of the world, always showing respect to those who cannot accept this.

I am ashamed of my own many weaknesses.

I am ashamed of the spiritual and moral decline of my nation.

I am ashamed of the divisions within the church.

I am not ashamed to defend those truths and values which have enriched the fabric of our society over the centuries.

I am not ashamed to resist those forces which are antagonistic to Christ and are seeking to dismiss God from the public domain in our nation.

I am not ashamed to stand with those who, in the United Kingdom, are today being victimised for their faith.

I am not ashamed to pray that God’s love and saving grace will be released upon our nation at this time of crisis.

I am not ashamed to challenge those who would deny the spiritual dimension of life.

I am not ashamed of Christ, the Son of God, who has died for all of us and who is alive in His loving, serving people.

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to declare that it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

Whoever is ashamed of me and my words,
the Son of Man will be ashamed of them
when he comes in his glory
and in the glory of the Father
and of the holy angels.
(Luke 9.26)

I am not ashamed to own my Lord
Or to defend His cause
Maintain the honour of His word,
The glory of His Cross.
(Isaac Watts)

Dennis Wrigley
November 2010

Spotlight Issue 20 – News from Local Groups

Spotlight - News and Views for Local Groups, by Local Groups

The December 2010 issue of Spotlight – News and Views for Local Groups, by Local Groups, has been recently produced and can be downloaded here.

SpotlightIn this issue:

  • Prayers for Kenya
  • New Media Gallery
  • New from Regional and local group Gatherings
  • Report from the “Turning stress into opportunity for Healing” weekend
  • Tribute to Sister Elizabeth Tuttle (RIP)
  • and articles on the Christian Bikers Association and Faith & Science.

Spotlight is the vehicle for news from Maranatha Local Groups (as distinct from the Maranatha Newsletter which brings news of inititatives from the office in Flixton, Manchester) so if you have anything to report from your local group then please email Matthew. You can also give us your thoughts via the comments facility here.