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Transforming Love.

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Our call, as followers of Jesus is to live in love. Paul, formerly zealous pharisee Saul, who made his mission the murder of Christians, was transformed not by argument or teaching, but by the dazzling love of God personified in Jesus. As a result he testified to “the most excellent way” – the way of love.

Inside this newsletter are articles on Jesus our Servant Leader, Unity and Alignment in the Body of Christ, Developments in the Community, Maranatha Media Gallery, Study Groups, What on Earth have we done to our Children?, news about weekends, Light out of Darkness, 24/7 Worship, a new resource for teenagers, new books, Maranatha calendar for 2011, and Local groups and contact details.

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1 thought on “Latest Newsletter

  1. Rev Raphael Muryango

    I really appreciate and bless you for what you are doing to reach the lost with the gospel of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, yes we are not ashamed of it because it is the power of God to everyone who believes.

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