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Manchester – 2nd October

Inspired by the Saints.

Manchester Maranatha
Inspired by the Saints
Everyone is welcome to join us for the Manchester Maranatha Gathering at Brunswick Parish Church, on Saturday 2nd October: 10:30am – 4:00pm. Come for the whole of this day of praise, worship and sharing, or for any part, as together we share in building up the Body of Christ!.

For more details see this email which contains a link to the location on google-maps.


18th – 25th Sept.

A Week of Prayer for the Church and Nation.

In the face of our national situation we have decided to call the whole Maranatha community to a Week of Prayer. We are urging all Maranatha Groups and Prayer Cells to gather during this week and also urge individual members to arrange times of prayer to which friends and church members may be invited.

God’s Word makes it clear that the future of a nation can be changed by the humble prayer of God’s people in that land. We, as the people of God in the United Kingdom, have the opportunity and the power to make a difference to the future of our nation. Therefore, let us, as little brothers and sisters of Jesus, take God at His Word and  humble ourselves and pray and seek His face in repentance for the sake of our children and all the future generations of this land.

During this Week of Prayer there will be evening gatherings 7:30 – 10pm at ‘The Ark’ (26 Ambleside Road, Flixton, Manchester, M41 6PH) each day from 18th-24th September. Each gathering will consist of worship and prayer which will be led by different people each evening. All are welcome.

Click on the following links for the programme of prayer and resources:

Week of Prayer programme

A Prayer for each nation of the United Kingdom

A declaration over the United Kingdom from Pastor Jonathan Oloyede

Our Children : A Confession

Two prayers /prophetic messages

Spotlight Issue 19 – News from Local Groups

Spotlight - News and Views for Local Groups, by Local GroupsSpotlight

The September 2010 issue of Spotlight – News and Views for Local Groups, by Local Groups, has been recently produced and can be downloaded here.

In this issue: Heal our Land,  News from Bourton on the Water, Northern Ireland and Conwy, news of marriages  new begginings and lives lived faithfully to the end, and reports from individual members.

Spotlight is the vehicle for news from Maranatha Local Groups (as distinct from the Maranatha Newsletter which brings news of inititatives from the office in Flixton, Manchester) so if you have anything to report from your local group then please email Matthew. You can also give us your thoughts via the comments facility here.