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A step towards a Police State in UK

Maranatha is collaborating with a team of lawyers and church leaders, together with Christian Concern for our Nation, to change Clause 61 of the Coroners and Justice Bill which is currently before Parliament. It is being proposed that the free speech clause protecting those who express views on sexual ethics will be removed. This will open the door for Christians to be investigated and interrogated by the police, prosecuted in the courts and even imprisoned simply for presenting a Christian view point on sexual ethics.

For more information see this Trumpet Call.

March of Repentance – 18th July

March of Repentance - silent no more

Members of the Maranatha Community are invited to support this initiative by praying for it, and by participating in the march in London on 18th July. It is organised by March of Repentance who, like us, are a group of believers from all denominations who are crying out for Godly change in the Church and in our Nation. They believe that ‘this is a time of testing in which Almighty God is calling for repentance and for a new devotion to His Word.’

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Lord Alton praises Maranatha

David Alton has written an article in the Catholic newspaper “The Universe” talking about the state of UK and parliament. His opening paragraph is “For many years the Manchester-based Maranatha Community has been a clear voice, prophetically speaking to society on a variety of issues including the breakdown of marriage, the neglect of children and the contagious spread of our violent drugs culture, and has also worked tirelessly for healing and unity in places like Northern Ireland”.

Read the full article here

Spotlight Issue 14 – News from Local Groups

Spotlight - News and Views for Local Groups, by Local Groups

The latest issue of Spotlight – News and Views for Local Groups, by Local Groups, has been issued today and can be downloaded here.

SpotlightIn this issue, news from:

Nottingham Group
Flixton (3rd Friday)
The “Feed my Sheep” weekend hosted by the Marches Group,
and a welcome to the new West Dartmoor Maranatha Group.

Click on the comments button to read what other folk are thinking and to give us your thoughts. If you are a member of a Maranatha Local Group then perhaps you might like to contribute to the next issue – just email George and Mary who produce Spotlight.

Feed my sheep weekend – Report

feed-my-sheepWe’ve just received this report from Kate Stanway who was at the Feed my Sheep weekend run by the Marches Group:

It was a wonderful weekend of love, healing, renewal and unity; knowing that we were being shepherded by the Great Shepherd of the Sheep – the Good Shepherd Himself. The testimonies at the end were a tribute not only to Him but to the blessing of the Maranatha Community in this nation. We all felt so bound together in His love through being part of the Body of Christ in Maranatha.

I had a real sense, in my own heart, that the Lord was moving to heal hearts from spiritual, emotional and physical sickness. Jesus binds up the broken-hearted. Psalm 23 was a great blessing to us at the weekend.

Ros Dodd says, ‘The sheep were well fed in the Marches weekend and returned to their own folds restored and renewed. For all involved, comfort zones became a thing of the past as people did things for the first time or realised that they could still do them! Many thanks to Jim Dainty who shepherded us, and to the great Shepherd whose presence was so real with us.’