March of Repentance – 18th July

March of Repentance - silent no more

Members of the Maranatha Community are invited to support this initiative by praying for it, and by participating in the march in London on 18th July. It is organised by March of Repentance who, like us, are a group of believers from all denominations who are crying out for Godly change in the Church and in our Nation. They believe that ‘this is a time of testing in which Almighty God is calling for repentance and for a new devotion to His Word.’

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1 thought on “March of Repentance – 18th July

  1. Steve McCreery

    Greetings in the precious name of Jesus,
    Our sincere thanks to all at Maranatha for publishing the March of Repentance event on the 18th July. The Charles Spurgeon quote currently prevailing is most apt:
    ” We have had enough of clever men without conscience
    Now let’s see what God-fearing men can do!”

    The main purposes of this assembly are:

    • First a cry to our Lord for His grace to come again on the Church and Country, and for mercy because judgment has already begun across the land
    • Secondly, a confession for the Church’s failure to be preachers of righteousness, and a commitment by sincere Christians present to no longer be silent
    • Thirdly, to proclaim the Gospel of God’s saving grace through Christ Jesus to those present not knowing Christ, but wanting to repent.

    Join with us, hearers and doers of the word, the dynamic of repentance, though not a popular one is most necessary for such a time as this.
    Steve McCreery (

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