Maranatha Newsletter February 2012

Maranatha Newsletter

What are we waiting for ?

Click here to download February NewsletterFor 30 years God has been preparing the Maranatha Community ‘for such a time as this’. For 30 years we have seen a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit. There has been great fruitfulness – lives transformed, people healed, the dead raised, enemies reconciled, bonds of unity forged.

As we have prayed ‘Come, Lord Jesus’ we have seen Him come, so often in unexpected ways. Yet, we still wait with longing for His final coming in glory. And as we wait Jesus says to each of us, “Come”, “Go”; He demands immediacy in our response. It is time to leap over the obstacles that have immobilised us. The word given to Maranatha many years ago – “Do it now” – is for 2012.

The February edition of the Maranatha Community Newsletter which is available for you to read on-screen (or print for your convenience) list initiatives for this year, brings news from our Assembly last October and Annual Gathering at Quinta in January, and leads us in balancing prayer and action.

We would also like to draw your attention to the following: (click on each)

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2 thoughts on “Maranatha Newsletter February 2012

  1. Maranatha Community Post author

    Thank you for pointing this out. We are sorry for incorrectly referring to April 7th as Easter Saturday (which is of course the Saturday AFTER Easter Sunday).

    We have now corrected the information above. The Manchester Maranatha Gathering is on HOLY SATURDAY – April 7th, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

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