New Media Gallery – online now!

New Media Gallery online now!
We have just launched our online Video and Audio Gallery!

This Gallery offers a way of showcasing our vision of unity healing and renewal, as well the work and life of the community.

The videos and audio clips are organised into the key areas of Maranatha’s work – praying, serving, witnessing, healing, teaching and the life of the community. At the moment, there are videos there from Dennis, Linda, Rev Allyn Benedict – an American who leads the Out of the Courtroom Retreats (formerly an Episcopalian priest) and Father Bill Keogh – a Maranatha member from Kent who is also a leader within Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

Featured Media

  Declaring the Message of Maranatha – a personal message to the Community
      Watch video

  Trumpet Call – An Introduction
      Watch video

  Maranatha – A Healing Community
      Watch video

  Becoming a Community of Love
      Watch video

  Maranatha – A Listening and Trusting Community
      Watch video

You can access all the videos from the Maranatha web-site, just click on Home then Latest Media.

We will be adding more videos and audio content over time and both sharing more about what is happening in the Community, and declaring the vision and message of Maranatha. If you have an idea for a video, or part of a video – whether it’s filming what Maranatha means to you, what Marantha is doing in your local area, or what local initiative Maranatha is supporting, then please get in touch!

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