Not Ashamed

Not Ashamed

We write with news of an exciting initiative launched by Christian Concern. As Andrea Minichiello Williams says:

The ‘NOT ASHAMED’ campaign seeks to help Christians across the UK stand up and speak up for Jesus Christ in public life, presenting Him as the only true hope and solid foundation for our nation.

There is growing pressure in our society to remove Jesus Christ (and the values and truths revealed through Him) from public life and to restrict Him to the domain of the ‘private and personal’. Increasingly, Christians are finding that they are barred from the workplace and community involvement if they are not prepared to compromise the biblical teaching on belief and behaviour.

Meanwhile our society continues to fragment and faces enormous change and challenge. Yet in some quarters of the Church, there seems to be a collapse in confidence that Jesus Christ really is ‘good news’ for individuals and for our nation as a whole.

‘NOT ASHAMED’ is being launched in response to these observations. It is an opportunity to repent for past failures and to renew our confidence that Jesus Christ is good news for all people, everywhere, as we stand together and declare with clarity, compassion and courage that Jesus Christ is ‘positive news for public life’ and the only hope for our nation.

Wednesday 1st December is the focal point of the campaign. On that day and in the run up to it, we hope that thousands of Christians will wear the ‘Not Ashamed’ symbol of the cross. We will also be delivering a ‘Declaration of Christian Hope for our Nation’ to key leaders in public life.

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We expect the ‘high visibility’ of the campaign to give rise to many opportunities to explain to friends, family members, neighbours, colleagues and others why we believe that Jesus Christ is the only true hope for our nation.

To help in this, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, is writing a special booklet explaining why Christians are ‘Not Ashamed’ of Jesus Christ. We hope that in partnership with local churches, it will be delivered to every home in the country.

We are excited about this new initiative and pray that Christians across the nation will unite around it.

Will you join us as we seek to put the hope of Christ at the heart of our nation?

To do so and to find out more, visit the ‘NOT ASHAMED’ website

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, on 1st December, tens of thousands of Christians were wearing the Not Ashamed logo and had signed the declaration? Please spread the word!

3 thoughts on “Not Ashamed

  1. Gina Peliti

    Congratulations to our friends in Christian Concern for setting up ‘not ashamed’. Why should we be ashamed ? Jesus Christ is the answer, not to the minor problems, but the heart of everyone living. When you know God’s unconditional love and start to have a relationship with Jesus then your life can change, I know, because it has happened to me. God bless you all.

  2. Julie Vale

    Thank goodness we are at last standing up for our faith in an open way. It may come to persecution in a more dreadful way in years to come but the first disciples prayed for boldness in the early church, so should we.
    Let’s hope we are able to speak up more about the evil of abortion and poverty too.
    God bless, may God be glorified.

  3. Clive Weir


    Can I just say that your comments, which I respect is born out of your own experience, is not my experience in Bishops Stortford community (social or political), nor do I experience it as a businessman in the care of the elderly. Whilst I do not approach conversations with bible verse in hand, the values taught by Christ are becoming more widely accepted today in leadership and management training. I can only speak from my own experience, but I cannot remember any time that I was ridiculed for praying (in the name of Jesus) with one of the residents who live at my care home.

    Kind Regards,
    Clive Weir

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