FREE Resources – coming soon

In our March Newsletter we promised that we would make many of our written resources available for free here on this website. We’re in the process of working on this and hope to have the first batch available very soon.

We’re also finalising the Briefing Documents and Spearhead Group reports advertised in the Newsletter and these will shortly be available here for free download. These include

  • Mindfulness – Brieing document on this Buddhist meditation technique
  • Islam – An Appraisal
  • Secular Humanism – report from the Spearhead Group

Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “FREE Resources – coming soon

  1. Tom Berrie

    Good now to have access to these for free, both of which are up to the usual Maranatha standard: the very informative and balanced one on Islam is now even more relevant with this very ominous and worrying talk about “Caliphs and Caliphates”; on Mindfulness, a well researched document, and we ought now to produce something which presents the Christian alternative, rooted in well over 2,000 years history; and wondering what has happened to the Secular Humanism one in which I was involved, now it is July not March? All three subjects are interlinked, as they are with the informative and challenging ones on persecution and the battle for the soul of our countries.

  2. Maranatha Community Post author

    Thanks for your comments Tom. The report on Secular Humanism is on the desk of the Maranatha Office Manager awaiting one last read-through to check for any typing errors, so it should be released very soon.

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