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Maranatha Newsletter - click here readThe good news of Jesus is all about LIFE. As followers of Jesus we are called to be LIFE-GIVERS. How do we proclaim a Gospel of LIFE when we are immersed in a culture of death? The truth is we are filled with the same Spirit that empowered Ezekiel to speak LIFE into the dry bones; the same Spirit that resurrected Jesus from death is alive in us! We are to call forth LIFE out of dead places and dead people.

The March edition of the Maranatha Community Newsletter which is available for you to read on-screen (or print for your convenience) expands this theme of LIFE OR DEATH. There is also news of community initiatives and activity, and information about our Weekends and Retreats for 2014.

We would also like to draw your attention to the following: (click on each)

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