26 thoughts on “The Struggle for the Soul of our Nation

  1. carol price

    Thank you and amen, I couldn’t agree more. As Christians let’s stand together boldly declaring God’s power and show the love and truth of Christ to the hurting in our nation. We live in a fallen world and all of us are sinners, Jesus knew our struggles he went to the cross, he died, was resurrected and will come again he suffered for us so that we could be set free from our sin he took our place on the cross. Jesus has made it possible for us to have a right relationship with god and each other and it has nothing to do with how good or bad we are, or how many good things we do, all of us can repent of the bad things we do, think and say and accept Jesus as our saviour and healer.

    All through the bible it is clear that God is love not that he loves but that he actually is love and he created all of us to love and respect one another but we have turned our back on God and because many people don’t know his love they haven’t experienced love, they don’t love themselves and they don’t know what it means to love and have right relationships with each other. Instead people rely on their own wisdom they find anything they can to replace the lack of love in their lives and are motivated by what they need or want with little or no regard for others or consideration for the consequences of their actions.

    Jesus said I am the truth the way and the life, only he can set us free in our hearts and minds from self centred and destructive thinking.

    If you are reading this and struggling with despair,hopelessness or anger ask God to reveal himself to you and ask a Christian to pray with you and for you today.
    Shalom to you in Jesus name.

  2. Peter

    Bless you & Thank you Dennis.
    Sending to family & around the world
    in prayer having been quickened
    ones self by this speritual awakening. Peter Haughey >

  3. stevebrown007

    Such an anointed and perfectly timed message from a truly Godly man. Well done Dennis for speaking out when so many are silent.

  4. Barbara Gallagher

    Thank you for this Word, we need the Church to be a voice that is heard in our nation.

  5. Mrs Sheila Holwell

    Excellent video – excellent way the truths are expressed. I would have liked a comment about the fact that God and Christianity is banned from many schools, maybe citing e.g. the young child talking of Jesus in the playground was reprimanded by her teacher for so doing. Otherwise the videos ought to be played in Parliament. I am sure the Queen would say amen!

  6. John Capel

    The commission ( Matt 28, Luke 24, John 20) given to the Church by Jesus is to herald the gospel of forgiveness of sins to the world. This avaliable to those who repent. Now this is an unpopular word with secular humanists who regard sin and repentance as out-dated words. Properly understood repentance is not about neurotic self-loathing and unhealthy feelings of guilt but a complete turn about that is the start if a journey to freedom and fullness of life. Too many of our radical church leaders shrink from preaching forgiveness of sins upon the name of Christ, preferring water down the gospel and to side with the spirit of the age.

    We must regain the courage to speak out clearly and proclaim the saving events on which salvation depends. Repentance is gospel demand but it is not some grovelling, humiliating ritual but a complete turn-about of direction towards God who, in his enduring, faithful love, has prepared a banquet for us. The prodigal son parable tells about this. Those entrusted with the task of preaching must pray for the gift to make this plain to those ensnared by slavery to all manner of addictions that diminish the image of God in which they are made.

    The effectiveness of mission is impaired by disunity. We must be bound together by the Holy Spirit in communion with the tradtional teaching of the saints entrusting one another and all our life to Christ.

  7. Frank Robinson

    Listened to this with our breakfast. It reflects more eloquently what my wife and myself have been thinking. has the video been posted on U Tube? God be with you

  8. Trevor Stammers

    A correct and sobering analysis of the situation and an inspiration for the church to repent of our isolationist attitude and be the salt and light in society we are called to be

  9. Robert Wilson

    Thank you Dennis for this most inspiriing and encouaging response to all the problems of this nation. This nation has turned its back on God and his Son our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. Accordingly he has withdrawn the power of The Holy Spirit in so many areas of society of materialism and greed. Evil has moved in and taken over, but I believe that God has not turned his back on this country.

    Everything that Maranatha stands for: he is calling all the christians of this country to stand together in Unity and prayer. Revival and healing can only come about when we let the Love of The Lord Jesus set our hearts on fire with a burning desire to see The Geat Commission come about. Then Jesus came to them and said,”All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And surely Iwill be with you aqlways,to the very end of the age”.

    God bless you from.Robert Wilson.

  10. Janet Marshall

    What can you say in reply to Dennis’s comments it goes straight to the Heart and asks us to examine what we are doing, and encourage others with prayer and action to change people’s mind sets and live in peace.I believe in commandments to love God and love our neighbour as ourself and also the Beaitudes.What we do today at this moment effects another person and expressess our interconnectedness with each other.God gave us responsibily to love,care,as Christians and others of faith,have we done this today.Thank you Dennis and May God Bless Everyone

  11. Ishmael Evans

    Most of us are “weeping but not condemning” Unfortunately our silence has given energy to the secular humanist. If there is meet and the salt refuse to be salt, flies, magots and other dispecable elements will seem to rule. Its about time we stand to be counted.

    Dennis may God countinue to bless you with grace and wisdom to inspire this commmunity to STAND. The season of roits seems to have faded away but.hey! what’s next ?. This is the time to Rise. God bless.

  12. Marina carrier

    May God open doors for this message and open ears to hear and hearts to respond. Above all may we pray and pray and seek His voice and heart that we can stand and yet stand in the darkness BUT NOT DESPAIR. By our confidence and gentleness will hearts be touched and softened. And then minds will be prepared to hear. Let us continue to weep for the lost and we will redeem many through God’s love; let us be in confidence and peace ourselves and know that we have nothing to offer of ourselves. Come Lord Jesus. Prepare us and use us.

  13. carol price

    Bless you Dennis and praise God for the way he has anointed you all these years and continues to speak his truth through you. I’ve watched and listened to this address and I’ve sent the link to friends and churches. Let’s stand, and continue to stand, and declare God’s wisdom and truth – Proverbs 8 Wisdom’s call.

  14. Tom Berrie

    Again, as always, Dennis, exactly the right thing to say, and not too much and not too little. My own response to these last few days has been simply to be silent before the Lord and wait upon Him (when praying a couple of nights ago together at home about this, as we’ve been doing everyday since Monday, we simply got one word, “patience”). On the media and in the papers there’s been the usual endless, end-to-end, wall-to-wall chatter, talk and analysis and “experts”. I’m afraid that journalists, media-personages and the chattering classes in general are a major part of the problem, not the solution! So I just want to hear from the Lord!

  15. Dan Moynihan

    Thank you for your message! I agree that we as God’s family here on earth lead the way by strong practical, Spirit led example. What an encouragement to us all to continue to build strong Christian families and be right there in the world but not of it. It’s so important to tap into the prophetic destiny and hope God has for our nation and not be discouraged by the darkness we’ve seen recently – there’s a great outpouring of His Spirit on the way and we all get to be a part of it. Our nation is groaning for us as Christ’s body to pour out His love and apply His wisdom to the problems of today. He certainly knows all the solutions – and we know how He loves to share with His friends! Lets get praying folks – not out of fear but in faith and sure expectation that Jesus is going to bring good out of this! Bless you all!

  16. Jule

    What Dennis says is true.
    There has been an attack on the family unit for the past 3 decades. Marriage is undermined and more importantly the Christian faith has been marginalised and God forgive us we, the church, have observed, even taken part in, all of this with very little objection
    We need to repent. May God have mercy on us all.

  17. Eileen Mignott

    Thank you Dennis and God bless you for speaking out on this issue. It confirms the message I heard today (Sunday 14th) at church taken from Romans Chapter 1 which is a consequence of a nation who refuses to turn to God the end result is evidence of what we are now experiencing. You quite rightly state that this is not an excuse of the riot, but the root of a deeper spiritual issue – a decline in the Christian values neglected to be taught to the NOW generation which builds on “What on earth are we doing to our children”? May our response continue to be to share the gospel and be involved in the practical ministries within our society… God has called us to be part of the solution.

  18. Elizabeth

    Dear Dennis. Thank you. I heard God speaking through you.I was very inspired and I am forwarding your message to others.
    I agree entirely with you about the causes of the recent violence seen in our cities but would like to add
    that another cause is due to the violent treatment that some of these young people have experienced in their homes, and the way to reduce this is to legally end corporal punishment. “Corporal” referring to not only physical but any harmful or humiliating treatment to children emotionally and spiritually. Of course this must be accompanied by supporting parents and providing positive parenting groups(including non violent conflict solving).Children are born with a natural spirituality which we can nurture by teaching them about the love of Jesus.

  19. Laurence Cunningham

    Thank you Denis, somebody had to say it. Indeed we agree that the experiment on secular families and marriages is total rubbish, and could well be the rock on which we will perish. And then when we find that finally everything is disappearing from around us, that the world we live in is finally not the world we were born into, what will happen then. Will we have ping pong with the nuclear weapons? And why not? it would be surely a great laugh. I am convinced that these riots were done for the sole purpose of throwing missiles at the police, and robbing shops, and it seems that the flat televisions were the most popular. Would it not be a fierce mess if we found that the reasons the rioting stopped, was because the rioters were sitting somewhere, watching their new trophies, stolen from business’ who were trying to give employment (otherwise known as dignity) to so many people who had none. God help us all. Where will it end. Prayer can save us, but at this stage, it would need to be prayer in vast quantities and for a great duration.

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