July Newsletter

Maranatha Newsletter


A time of opportunity.

Click here to download July NewsletterWe believe that God has raised up the Maranatha Community over the years and that we have an important role to play ‘for such a time as this’. God has instilled within us a love for the whole Church of Christ and we have experienced the fusion of the breath of the Holy Spirit in all the different traditions, in spite of our sin and weakness.

The July edition of the Maranatha Community Newsletter addresses our current situation and also has details of PRAYER WEEK – 18-25 Sept, an article on ALIGNMENT, an update on ‘3s’, A PROPHECY, News about the Malawi Visit, Developments in Anglesey, Spotlight, Regional Gatherings, Persecution, Books by Maranatha Members, News about developments of the website, Maranatha calendar for 2010, Local groups and contact details.

We would also like to draw your attention to the following: (click on each)

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2 thoughts on “July Newsletter


    I do support Maranatha but haven’t been receiving emails because I have changed my computer & email address.Sandra.

  2. Chris Kehayas

    Hi to all at Maranatha Community,
    It is with great pleasure that I stumbled upon your website. Why I say this is that a friend (whom I am assisting) has set up a website (www.tofos.org) which is targeted at Greek speaking people of all denominations with a vision which is very similar to Maranatha’s. He has also set up an Internet radio station here in Greece that broadcasts Christian Music, Greek Bible readings, Bible lessons and more.

    We believe that there could be merit to co-operation between Maranatha and ourselves, as many of the same problems dog Greece as they do the UK and the rest of the world. We could use a lot of your expertise and experience without duplicating effort as we are a very small outfit and funds are extremely limited.

    If you also believe that we could co-operate, please let us know and if you have any suggestions we would be more than glad to listen.

    Yours in Christ
    Chris Kehayas

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