A Word from Dennis

Dennis Wrigley, Maranatha Community Co-Leader

July 2010

My dear friends in Christ,

I feel I should let you know that I am standing back from active leadership following cancer surgery. I hope to be back again after a few months and Sheila and I thank God for all the many kindnesses shown and the prayers of this loving Community. At this crucial time when Maranatha is expanding its ministry please pray for Linda and Juan and others holding responsibility within the Community as we enter a period of radical development for which we have been preparing for the past 18 months.

The prime reason for writing to you is to share something of the excitement of what God is doing with Maranatha. He is presenting us with a phenomenal opportunity and this embraces all of us within this Community wherever we live, whatever we do and whatever our age. He is raising an army of believers walking ever more closely together. We share the same vision of a united and renewed people, and of renewed churches and a renewed nation. Many are now confirming that they believe that Maranatha was formed ‘for such a time as this’.

Are we prepared to decisively support the opportunities God is placing before us? Are we prepared to take initiatives where we live in forming more Prayer Cells and Maranatha Groups? Are we prepared to help to build up this army? Are we prepared to play our part in being involved in the various initiatives that are currently being taken – mobilising the young, scanning the newspapers and journals, participating in Trumpet Call, developing the healing ministry, breaking down barriers between denominations? Are we ready to face up to the ferocity of the secular humanist attack upon the Christian faith which is taking place in our country today? Are we prepared to play our part in creating an effective Christian witness on the major issues facing our nation at this time of crisis? Are we prepared to join together in affirming the central truths of the Christian faith with new vitality and confidence, proclaiming the Lordship of Christ? Are we prepared to speak out more effectively for the persecuted church worldwide? Are we prepared to walk more closely with one another particularly those who have roots overseas? Are we committed to the poor and disadvantaged?

Maranatha has a crucial role to play in the life of our nation and the churches. Do please pray about your own role in all this. Will you please ask God to show you how, together, we can be a powerful servant ministry to the Church in this land? We would love you to write to the Leadership Team with your questions and suggestions about areas in the life of the Community in which you may be able to play a part. We are currently receiving enormous encouragement and we would be delighted to hear from you as we stand on the verge of a great leap forward.

May God richly bless you and your dear ones, especially those who stand in particular need.

With warmest love in Christ,


Dennis Wrigley, Maranatha Community Co-Leader
July 2010

9 thoughts on “A Word from Dennis

  1. Trevor Leach

    Dear Dennis,
    We wish you a very speedy recovery and a well deserved rest. Opportunites are unfolding in the Isle of Man and I am working with the Voluntary Sector in the Isle of Man to work together from a spiritual basis.

  2. Sheila Holwell

    The letter from Dennis re third para. 2nd line – the mention of Prayer Cells made my Praises resound! It was a total 100% miracle. We have a small weekly Prayer Group that meets in our Church every Wed. morning and from this has come the vision of local Prayer Cells (YES THAT ACTUAL NAME) which we would like to see develop interdenominationally here. It will not be easy as the Baptist Minister cannot see it working (!) and our own Anglican Vicar wants it to be clear that it comes from us, so the Methodist wonder if it will be thus controlled. I, personally, feel that the Lord has shown the way, that Satan is furious, and it is so on my heart to be a channel.
    I have a vision for this to spread, but then you have already put this forward. It reminds me of many years ago how Jean Darnell had a vision of the light of candles joining to make one light all over Britain.
    Please be assured, Dennis, that I will pray for your surgery, that Jesus will place His hands over those of the Surgeon.
    Blessings to all.
    Sheila Holwell.

  3. John & Lynn Harrison

    Dear Dennis,

    Every blessing to you and Sheila. As you take this time out the Lord will renew your stregenth.

    We shall continue to prayer for the Maranatha team.

    With our love in Jesus
    John & Lynn

  4. Ann Hall

    Dear Dennis, you and Sheila are in our prayers. May the Lord gently heal you as you rest in him. We were strongly influenced and blessed by Maranatha and by you as a couple especially in our early years as christians in Knutsford in the early 1980’s. We have always sensed the presence of God at work in a powerful way whenever we have encountered you since on retreats etc. We thank God for you both and your ministry. May the Lord continue to bless you as you wait on him. With love in Christ, Ann and Tim Hall (now in Liverpool still serving as ministers in methodist church)

  5. Lionel & Christine Kearney

    Dear Dennis and Sheila Our love and prayers are with you both for a renewal of your strength and healing. We know how much this affects you both and give thanks for the influence Maranatha and yourselves has had on our lives.

    Our continued prayers for you both and for the leadership team.
    With love in Christ.
    Christine and Lionel and all in Leeds.

  6. Mary Unwin

    Glad to hear you have healing & it is long over time you had a rest! Be blessed by God as you go forward into your next season with Him

  7. Jan P Taylor

    Many years ago as we both lobbied at the UN in NYC we became acquainted. I worked with Peter Smith from the UK. I am an American from the Atlanta area. I ran across a CD about Love that you kindly gave me and thought of you and Sheila and prayed for you. I will continue my prayers for healing.

  8. Rich Foxen

    Dear all.
    Yes you are all DEAR to me. I count the Maranatha Fellowship as one of my greatest blessings.
    You have embraced me whilst I faced many ‘dark nights’ and I want you to know that your help and prayers have been ‘out of this world!’
    I have just been appointed as a part-time pottery lecturer. This is a miracle. I have two groups one of which is for people with acquired brain injuries. Please pray that I will be a channel for healing.
    COMMUNITY is clearly the best (maybe only) option open to all. As we look to Jesus we will find that we wil have all our needs met.
    I am rooted in our local maranatha group and the future is very exciting.
    I look forward to seeing you all.
    love, Richard.

  9. Trevor Leach IOM

    I am inspired by the following scriptural idea

    He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the son II John:9 KJV

    and I am endeavoring to dwell in the revelation Jesus has given us and know the Truth John 8:32

    God bless all you are doing at Maranatha.

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