New Release

Digging Out the Embedded Church. 

Digging Out the Embedded ChurchDid you know that the prayer of Jesus for the unity of believers is closer to being answered today than at anytime since Pentecost!

The evidence is presented in this carefully researched book. It also explains what Christian Unity looks like, how to find it, and how to celebrate our unity in Christ. This is especially important for the members of the Maranatha Community because God has called us to pray for Unity and we need to understand clearly what this involves, as closely as we can, from his point of view.

This 256-page book has been authored by John Isherwood and designed by the Maranatha Community.

The author states his purpose in the following words:
In this Centenary year of the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh (1910), this book is dedicated to all those pioneers of Christian Unity throughout the history of the Church who, beyond narrow interests and prejudices, glimpsed the vision of the body of Christ worshipping, witnessing and serving together in the Kingdom of God as Christ intended”.

It is being offered freely on line with the compliments of Maranatha and Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics And Theology. 

The book can be download from the Maranatha website here or accessed via

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