General Election.

Big BenThe Maranatha Community has issued this Briefing for Chrisitians (click here) in the run up to the General Election on May 6th.

Act Now

This is the time for the Christian voice to be heard in our land. Christian activists can take the initiative immediately. First pray, then approach each candidate directly with questions based on the issued raise in this Briefing (Trumpet Call). Write or email each candidate with the names of a dozen or so supporters. Invite candidates to meet you at short house meetings and at local churches. Use the letters page of local newspapers. Arrange a delegation to candidates’ offices on specific issues. Urge other Christians to raise these crucial issues.

An Immediate Opportunity

The General Election is an opportunity for Christians to witness to their faith and express their beliefs on important public matters. We can make an effective contribution to the national debate and drive key issues to the top of the political agenda.

For details, click here to download the latest Trumpet Call.

Please leave us your comments here on any of these issues. (Please note the comments are moderated before being published).

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