Twelve Disciples went up to the Mountains

Report from Healing Training Retreat at Kalah House.

kalah-houseIn September twelve of us went to Kalah House at Helmsdale in the far north east of Scotland for a very challenging but rewarding training week. There were moments of pain and moments of joy, there were tears but also lots of laughter. The praise and prayer times were wonderful. The hands on training was daunting but with it came many rewards. Each time we prayed all was handed over to the Lord, and the Holy Spirit did not disappoint. The prayer was gentle and not probing; we were led along gently both when praying for others and when being prayed for. 

I would recommend this week of retreat and training to anyone interested in Life Prayer. We all have so much to learn from each other, the blessings flow both ways, not only to the person receiving but also to the people praying. I myself feel very blessed. At the start of the week I knew only three of the twelve taking part but by the end of the week I had a whole new set of friends who cared. I would also like to thank our hosts Dave and Marie for making the week so special by their warmth and love.
God Bless.

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