Report from Weekend in Plymouth

The Plans & Purposes of God in my Life. 12-14 June, Plymouth. Click Here
The weekend in Plymouth was entitled "The plans and purposes of God for my life". It quickly became apparent that this theme centred on our intimate relationship with God as our Father (Abba) and that the plans and purposes of God were all about us coming into a greater understanding of how much we are loved and how good God our Father is. The weekend was led in a gentle and thoughtful manner, leaving ample space for each of us to listen and encounter God for ourselves. In the time of sharing which followed the periods of silence, it was very evident that God had been at work at a deep level in the hearts of many individuals. We were reminded too, that fruit grows only as we remain in that deep place of union with the Lord.
We found it to be a rich time of fellowship with the Lord and with one another.

Richard and Heather (from Somerset)

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