Free Speech Petition 5th July deadline

The deadline to sign this petition against Clause 61 of the Coroners and Justice Bill (currently before Parliament) which will remove the free speech clause protecting those who express views on sexual ethics, is 5th July. If passed this clause would open the door for Christians to be investigated and interrogated by the police, prosecuted in the courts and even imprisoned simply for presenting a Christian view point on sexual ethics.

For more information see this Trumpet Call.

3 thoughts on “Free Speech Petition 5th July deadline

  1. Jasmine Dowson

    Text of letter sent in response:
    Sirs. I am very disturbed by the implications of “Clause 61 of the Coroners and Justice Bill” and wish to register my complaint regarding the intention to pass this bill by parliament. In Great Britain today, it would seem that there is a bias towards anti Christian crede and practice, although other religions do not seem to suffer the same censure. Whereas we can do nothing about the gene pool that we inherit, the Bible tells us without any doubt and in many different passages that the pysical practice of homosexuality is an abomination.
    As a strong Bible believing Christian, I cannot condone that the threat to any Christian person, either a priested clergyman or lay preacher, will be condemned for standing in front of a congregation in order to affirm the teaching in the Bible, which lays down the basis of sexual ethics.
    Free speech is of prime importance and we must not let our ministers be threatended in this way.

  2. John Salmon

    The European Convention on Human Rights should override this provision of the bill, look at Article 10, Freedom of Expression and Article 9 Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion. We have been fighting very hard to get the UK Courts to uphold the Convention as it is obliged to do under the Human Rights Act. As Christains we should be fighting for the upholding of our fundamental Human Rights as defined in the Convention. You can find the full Convention text it on
    This might surprise a few people but Jesus loves Human Rights – ask him!
    God Bless you all
    love John

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