Healing Teaching in 2009

During the course of 2009 there are monthly healing teaching sessions at the Ark.  The aim is to promote healing ministry throughout our Community and to compliment this there will be a Healing Training week at Kalah House, Helmsdale from 31st Aug – 5th Sept. This is specifically for Maranatha members called to be involved in healing ministry.  The main focus will be upon the ministry of Life Prayer which has been an amazing means of healing for many.  A new edition of Maranatha teaching notes is about to be published about the ministry of Life Prayer – watch out for the notice on the webpage.  Life Prayer training is also being carried out in different parts of the country through Regional groups.

1 thought on “Healing Teaching in 2009

  1. Linda S

    For those who are unable to get to the healing teaching sessions at the Ark, don’t worry, you will not miss out!! We will be publishing the notes and hopefully recordings of the individual sessions very soon. If you’d like to have a copy please contact Pat in the Maranatha office. Linda S

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