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Across the world dramatic, unexpected and humanly unpredictable events are taking place. As God’s people, we know that what is visible is actually a sign of an invisible reality which is only recognisable to those who have the revelation of the Holy Spirit. God is shaking the nations. A shift is taking place in the heavenly realms. Our Sovereign God is doing a new thing which, by definition, is not something we can predict or imagine.

So what is our response? The June edition of the Maranatha Community Newsletter which is available for you to read on-screen (or print for your convenience) gives us valuable teaching together with news of community initiatives and activity.

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2 thoughts on “NEWSLETTER JUNE 2015

  1. Tom Berrie

    In the light of Dennis’s prophecy in the Newsletter, “Revelation Now”, I thought I’d share something that also happened to me in May, possibly roughly the same time as for Dennis. I think it may confirm what he has received. Janet and I had just returned from an inspiring retreat, but one which took place at the same time as the vote in the Republic of Ireland on same-sex “marriage”. All of us on the retreat had been disturbed and greatly distressed at the news from a once Catholic country. After I’d been praying about this for a while, in the middle of that night I experienced an overwhelming sense of the Lord’s wrath, that our Western society had gone one step too far in repudiating Him and distorting His will, beyond the point of no return, and that this simply can’t go on and His response will be soon. He appeared to say “I’m only giving you a little sense of my wrath, because if I showed all of it to you, you couldn’t take it”. I said to Him “But Lord, we’re all sinners, including myself?” His reply appeared to be “No, that’s not the point, that simply reflects the fleshly sins that are part of a still imperfect world. My wrath is against a society which is fundamentally and in principle repudiating all of my will and ways, and a Church which is silent or even enthusiatically goes along with the growing error, division and distortion of my will and Gospel”. I don’t think that this was from Satan, as it would simply have been negatively accusatory, including of myself. I had a very strong sense, however, that it was from outside myself: these aren’t thoughts that I would naturally have or think; as a child of my time, in myself I stress God’s love rather than wrath. Indeed, the vehemance of the message took me by surprise.

  2. S. Doherty

    Thanks Tom, I was a member of Charismatic Renewal (seems to have disintegrated in Ireland) when it first hit NI. One of my calls from Holy Spirit was to join Derry Life group ( action part of my prayer life) early 1990s.
    I also I believe i got the gift of discernment and to see what was going on around me in Ireland and elsewhere so im quite surprised when I hear people saying they were shocked re Ireland voting same sex marriage, even though I hoped otherwise, I was not really surprised.

    All the time in Life Office we had ten people on rota …. few seem to be interested, or unaware sadly of the sexual revolution, even those in prayer groups. So thats were we are at 25 years on. The RC schools were not even challenged re some of the issues like bringing contraceptives into schools to 13 plus year olds (to explain what they were etc.) often without parents knowledge.

    Our group found that these youngsters did not even know how to put them on let alone be emotionally ready from human point of view, not considering the moral aspect, for this stage of relationship. I remember an Irish scripture scholar coming to our City to give a retreat and I told her my fears for these youngsters. Her response was, You know xxxxxx, the Lord will be mercifully to these young people as sexual sins are not the worst. This was something I knew anyway, but it was the suffering (maybe even abortion) that these youngers were/would have to endure because few were telling them the truth. I consider we all are guilty of Omission in Ireland and elsewhere. We could not even get permission to talk about our work in churches although some shepherds let us do so quietly.

    I truly believe parents were not talking about important issues to their young adults having experienced this during my counselling time ….. so there are a few contributing factors, not just school system.

    I hope my frankness has not offended you Tom,
    S Doherty (psy)

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