Teaching Module – ISLAM

An Invitation:

ISLAM - Who is My Neighbour? - Sat 18th April 10am-1pm,  St. John the Evangelist Parish Centre, 128 Bebington Road, New Ferry, Wirral CH62 5BJ

The true nature and teaching of Islam is poorly understood, both in the world and in British churches.  Similarly, few have a personal understanding of what Muslims believe.  As Christians we are commanded by Jesus to love our enemies but we are also urged to resist evil.  How should we respond to those who commit horrific atrocities in the name of Islam?  How are we to pray and work for fully integrated and peaceful local communities in those parts of the UK with an increasing Muslim population?

These and other important questions will be addressed in this special teaching module, led by members of the Maranatha Spearhead Group on Islam.  They will be joined by the UK leader of The Mahabba Network, a prayer and friendship ministry to Muslims.

We welcome you and encourage you to bring friends from your church to join us.


Click here to download the leaflet with map and directions.


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