Day of Purity – Valentine’s Day 14 Feb

We are pleased to promote the Day of Purity,  a Project of Liberty Counsel working with various supporters here in the UK. The Day of Purity on February 14th 2011 is a day when youth can make a public demonstration of their commitment to remain sexually pure, in mind and actions.

Today’s culture encourages youth to become sexually active at a young age and to experiment with sexual preferences. The Day of Purity offers those who strive for sexual purity an opportunity to stand together in opposition to a culture of moral decline. When we stand up for sexual purity we send a message to parents, churches, communities, legislators, and the media that we want a better world.

Matthew 5:8Our culture is bombarded with pressure to experiment in sex at a very young age with information provided by explicit sex education classes, graphic movies and media stereotypes. The Day of Purity is an opportunity for Christians to highlight that young people and adults do not need to conform to gain acceptance and that a promiscuous lifestyle produces negative results both emotionally and physically.

The Day of Purity encourages young people to take the purity pledge to wait until they are in a heterosexual marriage before engaging in any sexual activity. It has just been launched in the UK by veteran campaigner Steve Stevens who writes:

Some may feel uneasy about our launching this so close to the actual day and suggest we ought to delay it a year. That was exactly my reaction in 1971 after the decadent permissive 60s had made such inroads into destroying what was left of our Godly moral culture. Christian leaders asked me to launch a FESTIVAL OF LIGHT as an attempt to dispel the darkness. My immediate response was ‘It can’t be done in such a short time span’. They responded emphatically ‘It must be done NOW’. If we delay, the PERMISSIVE SOCIETY will take deep root and we will be too late’.

They convinced me and we worked day and night to bring LIGHT. Our slogan was:
The Lord gave us a miracle. Tens of thousands rallied to our call for ‘LIGHT’.

Today we are in even greater danger. There is no time to lose. IT MUST BEGIN NOW.

Our children are in grave risk of being taught that RECREATION SEX IS THEIR RIGHT – ANY KIND OF SEX and ‘…just make sure children follow safe sex instructions’!.

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1 thought on “Day of Purity – Valentine’s Day 14 Feb

  1. Tom Berrie

    Many thanks for this. I have increasingly been receiving for some time the words “Purity” and “purity of heart” which I believe are from the Lord. We need to return to the authentic message behind the concept of “purity”, in the Church, in its fullness and freedom. True purity is part and parcel of wisdom and Christian love, and the three are inseparable. It doesn’t just mean sexual purity, although it must include this, but also integrity and purity of teaching, ie remaining faithful to the fundamental, nonnegotiables of the Christian Faith handed to us by the Lord Himself through the Apostles. The greatest scandal of our society is not secular society but the apathy and apostasy of the modern English church, which speaks softly and irresolutely; our ownly certainty is our uncertainty and the only thing we’re united in is our divided voice!

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