August Newsletter

Maranatha Newsletter

Reaching Out in Unity

The vision of the Maranatha Community is of “the people of God united, healed and renewed, walking the way of Jesus in love, simplicity and poverty with the urgent fire of the Spirit burning in their hearts”. It is the vision of the Church of Christ united across the globe – believers from all nations, tongues and traditions…read-on

Inside this Issue

The vision of maranatha, A time of opportunity, God’s call to wait, Prayers by Dennis Wrigley, New Publications, The life cycle of a local Maranatha Group, Maranatha Events Calendar.

Click here to download the full August edition of the maranatha newsletter

We would also like to draw your attention to the following: (click on each)

Maranatha Gathering in London – Saturday 12th September

Maranatha Gathering in Manchester – Saturday 3rd October

Out of the Courtroom – 23-26 September. The Ark, Flixton, Manchester

School of Prayer – 16 – 18 November. Douai Abbey, Woolhampton, Reading

Prayer Network – August edition

Trumpet Call – August edition

The Communications Team have been meeting regularly all year. Since launching the new website we have turned our attention to all the different ways we communicate within the Community. Our first job was to re-vamp the newsletter, hopefully to make it more easy to read and in line with the web-site. If you have any comments on this newsletter then please do leave them.

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