Current Newsletter


is the headline article in the latest Maranatha Newsletter – Issue 118 (March 2009).

At the annual Maranatha Community ‘leaders’ gathering, which was attended by around 85 members involved in different aspects of the life of the Community, we spent time in prayer, praise and listening together. We were built up in loving fellowship and by mutual encouragement. Jonathan Oloyede, a Nigerian missionary to this country, joined us for the Saturday morning. He spoke this word for the Community – “Run, sit, run, sit, run run run, sit, sit, sit”. We are to run with a message to awaken the people of God. We need to sit to receive this message, own it in our hearts, then run with it. God will give us everything as we sit and wait in order for us to run.

Click here to download the full March edition of the maranatha newsletter

With the mailing for this newsletter we also sent out details about our Weekends and Retreats.
Click here for details of Weekends and Retreats – together with booking forms.

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